What are slicers and what are they used for?

There are a variety of slicers (cutters) for portioning, belonging to the category of portioning equipment, which can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic and have a wide range of additional functions.

Such devices can perform vertical and horizontal cutting, as well as cutting the product at a certain angle. Slicers are designed to cut meat or boneless products into equal weight, uniform or uniform portions such as fish fillets, whole fish, meat or poultry and can be used with frozen or fresh products, with bones or without.

A typical portioning machine consists of three main structural components: an infeed conveyor, a slicer (electronic knife) and a system for feeding the substrate and removing the finished product.

The principle of operation of the slicer does not depend on the type of product being cut. The raw material for portioning enters the receiving conveyor, and, if a pre-scan function is provided, passes through a special chamber. Then the computer sends a command to the knife, which is synchronized with the speed of the conveyor and cuts the product into pieces of the same weight or thickness.

With these meat, chicken and fish portioning machines, various products such as steaks, steaks, schnitzels, beef rolls, pork chops, crispy strips, medallions, fish or meat patties, strips, nuggets, cubes and others can be obtained with observance of the given parameters of the slices, such as dimensions, weight and shape, in accordance with a specific cutting scheme, calculated depending on the established indicators or the production task.

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