Essential equipment

Supporting structures, racks, and stillage are among the types of equipment used in the food industry.
They are used to store products in warehouses, or as working surfaces for working with raw inputs and preparing them for processes as part of production lines or independently.
They allow you to securely fix industrial equipment to the floor or to weight. They ensure the stability of equipment, dampen vibration, and suppress noise. They do not suffer corrosion when you carry out sanitizing processes with the help of washers, CIP stations or manually using disinfectants and water.

Our news

Whereas vegan food, local ingredients, build-your-own dishes, and snack-sized bites were still very much a thing, lockdown cravings also included a lot of comfort food, like mac and cheese, burgers, and noodles, and desserts. Consumers also cooked more home meals, a trend which restaurants inserted themselves into by selling meal kits and family packs. So what can we expect this year? Here are 5 trends that are sure to start popping up on plates (or in delivery bags) in 2021