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PERFINOX- Indústria Metalúrgica, S.A. is a company, founded in the beginning of the year 1997, with exclusively Portuguese capital, laboring in the Metallurgic/Metalomechanic sector.

With the objective of providing a quality service to its’ clients, in the conception and implementation of process solutions for the Food & Beverage Industries, PERFINOX invests on the utilization of innovative equipment on its production systems. In addition, it also promotes the continuous training of its’ board, having currently a highly skilled technical team, supported by a multidisciplinary administrative team constantly focused on customer satisfaction and long term relationships.

Policy Management
Support our customers in their search for operational excellence, by efficient manufacturing processes, executed by innovative equipment, conceived to deliver maximum quality product to the end consumer and assure environmental sustainability, by optimizing resources and reducing waste.

Become a notorious national and international player, recognized by its’ efficiency and industrial processing solutions.

Safety - The integrity of all is an inalienable right.
Availability - In search of continuous improvement.
Desire to learn - Always renewed eagerness to do more and better, facing the present and the future with confidence.
Teamwork - Acting with ethics, honesty, truth, loyalty, rectitude and justice, in the daily conduct of all.
Valuing and respecting employees - They make everything possible.

Continuous improvement of the integrated management system in order to improve the performance in areas such as environment, work safety and health and product quality;
Analyze legal requisitions and other requests, and assure the fulfilment of all conformity obligations;
Promotion of customer and other interested parties satisfaction;
​Provide safe and healthy working conditions for prevention of health lesions and illnesses related  with work, eliminating hazards and reducing OSH risks.

The Administration ensures the monitoring of this policy and the continuous improvement of the management system, establishing annual objectives and respective monitoring, taking into account the participation and involvement of workers in the decision-making processes in the management system.

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