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Procys develops, designs and builts tailor-made automated industrial equipment for the food industry.
Today’s consumers are looking for real “homemade” products, so taste and appearance are key factors in industrial food production.

Procys specializes in the entire process for biscuits / cookies, pastry, bakery, confectionery, from the moment they leave the production system (oven, deep fryers, moulds) until the final packaging process.

Procys adapts its systems to meet your expectations in order to ensure that the final product meets production specifications and project requirements. We will work with you, from the first step to the last, in order to ensure that your specific requirements are respected by taking advantage of our well-established principles and modules. We will ensure that you have a customized solution that is reliable, simple and appropriate to your performance expectations.

Procys team is ready and able to meet your most exacting specifications with new and innovative solutions. Our company offers an R&D service and original solutions that will resolve production issues for which there are currently no standardized systems. Aware that control of procedures, costs and technology and hygiene and ergonomic standards are key issues in the food industry, PROCYS offers integral systems that take into account all the possible difficulties that can arise in the development of the high performance and technically advanced equipment necessary for your products.

A team with a solid experience at your service. Passionate engineers and technicians with more than 20 years of experience in the food industry bring you their expertise and help you to carry out your projects.

Innovation advances technology. We are constantly looking for new concepts to propose solutions in accordance with your ideas, allowing you to develop new products.

A solution for every problem. We study your specifications and R&D team adapts standard Procys systems to your particular needs. You benefit from a tailor-made solution with well-established principles and modules.

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