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We are one of the leading players on the global scene for the supply of centrifugal separation and extraction solutions for multiple applications: Environmental, Food and beverage, Recycling, Mineral fuels and lubricants, Chemical and pharmaceutical, Animal by-products and more.
We boast extensive experience in the olive oil industry, which has led us to become the leader in the supply of continuous cycle plants.

Our objective is customer satisfaction, today and in the future. Whether it is a complete production line or a single production plant, we invest all our efforts to enhance our customer’s competitiveness and output.

We have an engineering approach to achieving excellence in our very DNA.
Our plants are made entirely in the company headquarters in Jesi (Italy) where we also train our maintenance professionals, and are designed according to principles of circular economy. Each one is a growth tool and at the same time a sustainable choice in the selection of materials, in our strides towards saving energy and water consumption, but also in the ease of use and maintenance. Our various proprietary patents testify to our commitment to research and development of new technologies in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

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