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Our company was founded in Thiene, Vicenza, by Mr. Antonio Borgo, who started to commercialize and construct machines for meat processing.


From 90’s Mr. Antonio has begun building the first binding machines; from 1992 to 2008, the company Borgo has forged a partnership with an important german company in the field of filling machines and since 2008 has relaunched the business by developing the production of new binding machines, of which we are specialists and landmark in the italian and foreign market. We are in fact present with our dealers in the italian territory, in Europe, in the United States, in South America and in Asia.

Antonio Borgo


Your need, our passion

Dear Antonio, thanks to your tenacity and fortitude, that has distinguished you in over 50 years of work in the meat factories‘ sector, with great gratitude from all the people who have met you on your way, today we are aware that you have been a great person who has done great things. You have been able to move the lines further and further.

Daniela, Cristina, Stefano and Luca, we want to say thank you Dad, thank you Grandpa, thank you Antonio.


Our Made in Italy binding machines to tie sausages.


Among our machines, designed and built according to customer requests and production needs, are present:

    The binding machines for sausage, cacciatori, cotechini, mignon and salami in various types of casing.

    The cutting systems such as the integrated cutter of our production.

    Devices and systems for the creation of specific products.


Furthermore we commercialize cutter, wolves and filling machines for various types of sausages.

Technical office, from design to implementation.


Technical office

To design the machines at their best, our technicians use software of last generation. Our machines are born to satisfy all customers‘ requests: our binding machine AS 2.1, for example, has been studied to be a versatile machine and of small size for smaller workshops such as butchers; our cutter, instead, was conceived and built for the need to cut products as well as tie them within a production line.


Today the new technology allows us to draw the machine in three-dimensional format so as to be able to examine every detail with greater accuracy. After this step, before building a new model that will later be mass-produced, our designers create the prototype and perform various tests.


Our support, your guarantee.

Our company supplies meat processing machines to companies of all sizes: meat factories, food industries and butchers, which are guaranteed a technical and practical training service. Borgo’s staff provides the delivery with our own vehicles or with trusted couriers (in case of special transports) and also with the installation of the machines. We guarantee our customers both ordinary technical assistance (for example the scheduled maintenance of the machine) and extraordinary, in case of any technical failures or other. Our assistance provides for intervention within 24 or 48 hours from the call. Furthermore, through our remote connection device, which is available as optional, we are able to carry out remote assistance, to make the service even faster.

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