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For over 50 years UNIKON, has been a specialist in industrial washing machines


More and more companies around the world choose UNIKON industrial washing machines and that is no coincidence.


UNIKON, founded in 1968, develops, builds and sells industrial washing machines. We have extensive experience in cleaning various production, packaging and transport equipment like no other.


We understand cleaning in accordance with the applicable standards is only half the challenge. You also want to optimize your logistics and production. Therefore we look at each UNIKON washer in that context.


UNIKON offers a complete line of standard models. These models provide our customers with a wide choice as standard, however, these machines can be expanded to include items such as a blow drying system.


This allows us to quickly and efficiently provide you with a solution that meets your requirements. We also develop tailor-made industrial washing machines that are fully customized to suit your needs. For many companies the ability to provide a cleaning solution for their specific needs this is the main reason for choosing UNIKON.


From our UNIKON office based in Barneveld, the Netherlands we can deliver machines to customers all around the world, working closely with our partners both in Holland and abroad. Each machine is developed and built in our own facility from construction to control technology, giving us the flexibility needed to meet your needs. For example; if your control technology is standardized, then we are able to apply this to your build of machine and deliver the components of ‘your’ brand choosing or requirement.


Because we like solid solutions, your technical department will not have to worry about your UNIKON. We manufacture our machines from stainless steel and we deliver them with high standard stainless steel pumps. The electronic system is designed to keep potential interference to the minimum. You can assure yourself of a long life trouble free washing system. The simple to use UNIKON does not require skilled or trained personnel, so it can be used by any operative regardless of experience.


If hygiene for your company is a chain, the UNIKON washer is one of the strongest links!


Why opt for UNIKON?

Innovation and craftsmanship

Our own technical inventions/discoveries

Custom-made solutions

High quality materials and technology

Flexible and customer-oriented

Energy-efficient and durable

Low maintenance costs

Parts available separately

Worldwide service


Our team

Cleaning starts with listening, Our international Sales Engineers have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of ‘industrial cleaning’ and will provide excellent advice. The communication lines with the technical developers, draughtsmen and design engineers are very short. This keeps our team on their toes and guarantees the flexibility of our organisation.

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