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At Proseal we think about 'The Spine of the Line' being the tray sealer...


The Proseal tray sealer is an intelligent piece of equipment that during product changeover requires film and tooling to be swapped. For this reason we decided to make the tray sealer the spine of the line of any production line - it makes perfect sense to centralise the entire line set-up through the Proseal Machine’s innovative and intelligent software, avoiding unnecessary delays caused by accessing and setting up the other pieces of peripheral equipment in a large production facility.


This means the operator swapping the product can change the whole line set-up for the next run through the push of a button on their Proseal machine screen; the use of one screen furthermore minimises the chance of delays as everything is done through one channel, optimising production speeds and simplifying changeover for the operator.


At Proseal we are able to work with any company that produces production equipment to ensure that electrical, mechanical and systems integration is seamless, whist meeting standards for local safety compliance such as CE Marking.


Proseal is contantly striving to develop new innovations and machines to add to their range whilst continuing to update and improve existing machines.

All new features can be retro fitted onto existing GT machinery ensuring that the user has continued access to the latest developments.

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