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Politech+ is a global leader in the dissolution of gases in liquids with its technology of molecular bonding of CO2. We deliver transformational results to companies that process carbonated beverages. We’re the global carbonated liquids processing efficiency experts.


Our clients trust and value our time-tested beverage carbonation technology and other solutions, as well as our commitment to the quality of our service and constant innovations. We adopt an open-minded and flexible approach to ensure your peace of mind through project initiation to project completion. We are always at your service.


Politech-Plus was founded by nuclear physicists from the Academy of Sciences, USSR. Technologies that they developed had long benefited both nuclear and military industries. For example, the soft-drinks carbonation technology has been initially designed to dissolve exhaust gases of diesel-engine Kilo-class submarines Varshavyanka, so that the watercraft could not be detected from the air or acoustically through the undissolved gas plume. Numerous technological tests have been conducted on nuclear power plants on the well-known graphite-moderated nuclear power reactors RBMK-1000.


Now the most effective beverage carbonation technology and system are available on the commercial market. The company designs, manufactures, and upgrades industrial equipment for beverage filling lines.


Our engineers not only use know-how but also constantly improve technologies through supercomputer simulations and modeling as well as field tests.


We will be happy to find the ultimate physically feasible solution for your project!


We believe that where there's a will, there's a way!

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