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Welcome to the web site of Ollari & Conti International. We specialize in the consulting, designing and manufacturing of machines for processing animal byproducts and complete lines for intestine operations for beef, pig and sheep plants. Our unique machines are designed to satisfy medium and large productions in compliance with the strictest regulations on safety, quality, noise and hygiene.



To be the world’s leader in consulting, designing and manufacturing of machinery for the slaughter plant and food industries. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing custom design solutions for each of their needs.



The company was established by two cousins, Enzo Conti and Bruno Ollari, in the late 1960s, in Parma, Italy. Since its beginning in a small workshop 40 years ago, it has grown into a thriving international company. It has been inspired by Parma’s local culinary tradition and by strong family values. As a result, the company conducts itself with great professionalism and integrity. The passion of the people involved and their contribution is consistently stimulating our will to further grow. Through our research and development we are able to offer design solutions in order to meet any requirements necessary to provide the best possible solution and guarantee the highest manufacturing quality.


Our satisfied customers make us proud and drive us to plan a more consolidated leadership on a global scale. Our satellite offices in Canada and Australia are just the first of a continually growing list of international affiliates.

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