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PPHU NIRO-TECH started its activity in 2004. It is a modern, fully professional and versatile company. We manufacture the highest quality stainless and acid-resistant steel products for all industries (food industry, white and red meat processing and a wide range of construction products). The main task of our company is comprehensive equipment for the food industry (from design to complete equipment).


The basic scope of the company's activity is equipment:

    butcher's shop



    fish processing plants


Depending on the client's requirements, we also provide services in the field of welding, sheet and profile cutting, as well as a wide range of assembly works. The quality of our products and services satisfies the most demanding customers in Poland and abroad. Excellent staff, competitive prices and the highest quality of services are the most important advantages of our company. In addition, we offer you professional and comprehensive advice, which you will not find from the competition. We also guarantee short delivery times and our own transport.


Additionally, Niro-Tech provides the following services:

    cutting and bending of sheet metal, pipes and profiles

    milling and turning

    sandblasting of stainless steel

    welding services CO2, Mig, Tig

Company PPHU NIRO-TECH provides a wide choice and one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee.


We make:

light and heavy steel structures; installation of sandwich panels; technological projects of meat processing plants and pork and beef slaughterhouses as well as sheep slaughterhouses; technological designs of cutting lines (cascade lines, station cutting, fish cutting)


The company produces, services and sells machinery and equipment, i.e.

    production of machines, devices and equipment for the meat industry

    production of machines, devices and equipment for the fruit and vegetable industry


The plant has a modern machine park adapted to the processing of stainless materials, which results in quick order fulfillment. The products made by the company meet all the conditions of European standards and have the approval of the National Institute of Hygiene.

The dynamic development of the company, the use of modern technologies and the constantly renewed machinery park make the products offered to customers meet the highest quality requirements. The confirmation of the company's commercial success is the systematic participation in international fairs in Poland and abroad.


Our new hall, built in 2010, with a total area of ​​2500 m2, allowed us to develop production and manufacture products that are appreciated by domestic as well as foreign buyers from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania, Angola and other countries. The team of designers can freely modify our products, adjusting them to your needs, or we can make completely new products according to the customer's suggestion, individually tailored to his model.

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