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Is a worldwide operating company of cleaning and degreasing equipment and the provider of technological and logistics solutions. Outside the Czech Republic we also supply markets all over the world.


We have available our own design, construction and development departments, which are linked to actual sale, manufacture, assembly and installation of equipment. We offer individual approach and atypical solutions.


The production programme comprises washing equipment for returnable packaging utilised in food industry(chocolate factories, meat processing plants, bakeries, poultry houses, etc.) and in non-food industry (automotive industry, engineering, etc.).


Another important area of the processing programme comprises washers utilised in engineering industry for cleaning and degreasing manufactured parts or components.


In the engineering industry, thanks to our wide supplier portfolio, we offer solutions for any issues of cleaning, degreasing and tumbling of parts, including related adjustments to input, process and waste water or solvents. In these areas we cooperate with leading European manufacturers.

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