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Guided Tour at LASKA in Austria

Maschinenfabrik LASKA develops and manufactures high-quality specialist machinery as the world's leading brand in the meat processing industry and in related application areas of the food industry.

The company was founded in 1880 and today is based in Traun, near Linz (Upper Austria). As a limited liability company 120 employees are lead by managing directors Maximilian Laska, Dipl.-Ing. and Alexander Brinnich, Dipl.-Ing.

The 3 LASKA value pillars

Maschinenfabrik LASKA‘s philosophy is supported by the pillars of internationality, quality and sustainability. These values shape our work.

We operate in 140 countries and serve customers on all continents. Despite this large global network, our business relationships are very personal and binding. These long-standing relationships with customers, suppliers and trading partners are an important part of LASKA‘s success.

Selecting the best components as well as our employees‘ extensive expertise is the basis for contemporary and quality LASKA machines. Each machine is tested on processing and function before delivery and is only released, if it satisfies our strict company standards.

Thinking and working for the long term
Maschinenfabrik LASKA is a traditional company with over 130 years experience in the food industry. What we do is less concerned with short-term success over a few months than with long-term mastery of entrepreneurial challenges.

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