Maurer-Atmos Middleby GmbH

About Seller

Mission statement

Vision – where we want to go

We identify trends in the industry and develop innovative solutions for our customers.

Mission – what we want to be

As a leading company in the field of thermal food processing, we are a reliable partner

who focuses on the processes and customers.


Our values

    Customer focus:

    As a reliable partner, we will offer the best value for our customers through the quality of our products, by meeting all promised deadlines, finding progressive solutions, offering the best consultation and problem-solving expertise and delivering outstanding process results. Our customers are the focus of our every idea and action.

    Company culture:

    We value community, motivation, and flexibility. We cultivate fairness, respect, esteem, openness, and mutual trust in our relationships with one another. We strive together to make continuous improvements and, at the same time, are aware of our tradition. We act according to uniform principles in order to achieve agreed goals together. We perform our tasks with enthusiasm and passion. For us, life-work balance, job security and a wide range of opportunities do not contradict each other.

    Social responsibility:

    We are aware of our social and ecological responsibility. We attach great importance to occupational safety and job security and protect the environment through a careful use of resources. We constantly strive to optimize the energy efficiency of our products. We cover our electricity requirements by generating our own solar power.

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