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J Pack’s is a 100% Italian story, which tells of a land’s know-how and a family’s dedication to work.

We are at the end of the 1970s, when Mr. Carlo Salvi, technical engineer for an important lo-cal company, decided to found his business propelled by his passion for mechanics. It was all about a small workshop destined, however, to a great future. Since the very start, Mr. Salvi had served the packaging industry with his expertise, developing precision mechanics for in-dustrial use. Joined by Pierbattista, Giovanna and Alessandro, the founder’s children, the company experienced past-paced development and added to its assets a larger production unit.

By the 1990s, skills honed inspired the design of an initial range of thermosealing machines and the development of the first corporate patents. From there, the company marked its en-trance on international markets.

Continuous investments in research and development combined with the know-how honed over 40 years of mechanical processing, have contributed to the company’s growth, making J PACK a paragon of Made-in-Italy excellence and a brand recognized worldwide.

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