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M.C.M. Massa since 1950

Quality is stainless!

MCM Massa was born in the early 50’s as a small artisan company. The great ideas and the entrepreneurial skills has allowed it to succeed in the market as a leader in the construction of chocolate processing machines for the food and confectionery industries.

The company stands out for its innovative character and is able to design and manufacture highly technological, functional and advanced customised solutions to support the passion, creativity and freedom of master confectioners and leave room for their creations.

MCM Massa is an irreplaceable ally in small and large productions of chocolate and confectionery products of all kinds, thanks to the high quality of the materials used, a deep knowledge of raw materials, the widespread commercial presence and a punctual after-sales service.



Warranty – Made in Italy. Technological innovation, design and quality of the materials: MADE IN ITALY

Planning and Design. Functionality, technology and style are the key elements in the design of the entire range of machines. From standard to customised models designed to adapt to every space and processing requirements.

Commercial service in Italy and abroad. Punctual and versatile, ready to meet every request and offer an efficient consultancy service.

 ]After-sales assistance. From the installation and start-up service to the technical assistance, MCM Massa avails itself of qualified and trained personnel throughout the entire supply chain.

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