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MBF takes pride in its Italian heritage and places much emphasis on the values of hard work, ingenuity and audacity.


The company was started by Antonio and Anita  Bertolaso, side by side with COO Giuliano Boscaro. Their goal was to bring innovative solutions to the bottling sector. With these goals in mind, MBF was created in 1997, and immediately stood out for its strong identity and ability to anticipate the needs of a rapidly changing industry.

As globalization of the industry increased, the MBF’s Management  soon realized that in order to set themselves apart from their competitors, they needed to provide two very important things: be excellent advisors to their customers, as well as superior machine manufacturers.


Flexibility, knowledge, rigor, design, technology, research.


This is the genetic heritage that allows MBF to bring new standards to the bottling industry and be recognized as a leader in the world market.


Our mission at MBF is constant technological innovation in order to provide the best solutions to our customers.

These targeted solutions allow our customers to achieve the maximum benefit with the least amount of effort, simplify the work of those who use the machines and services, while also enhancing the quality of the final bottled product.

Our mission is to give to all of our potential customers, and actual users, the certainty of a partner ready to contribute to their success.

We also strive to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, as well as recognize and value our employees.

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