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Tradition and innovation since 1893

REICH is Germany's oldest name in the field of thermoprocessing systems for food and is one of the leading providers in this industry worldwide. We offer solutions for the thermal processing of meat and sausage products, fish, poultry, cheese, convenience food, vegan and vegetarian products and pet food.


We see ourselves as a reliable, innovative and dynamic partner to the food industry. The philosophy of our products is clear: uncompromising quality paired with the highest possible performance and efficiency. For this we are ready to learn every day and to continuously improve.

"We consider fairness, respect and trust to be the standard for successful collaboration."


With vision and expertise into the future

Tradition alone does not make a good system manufacturer. Rather, it is the foundation on which we base our future corporate development. It is our declared goal to generate added value for our customers and their products and processes through expertise and innovation.


The prerequisite for this is to know the exact requirements for the products and processes. Only with this knowledge can innovative solutions be developed that actually offer added value every day. We succeed in this through the close cooperation between our engineers and process technicians, who have the exciting task of combining the two worlds of "mechanical engineering" and "food production".

At the same time, we remain open and sensitive to new technologies and are ready to systematically promote our dynamic development of recent years through further investments.


Quality made in Germany

All of the REICH systems are completely assembled at our plant, set to a functional state and tested down to the smallest detail in accordance with the most stringent requirements. Our customers receive a ready-to-install system which can be up and running in a very short time. The time-consuming adaptation and on-site completion, for example of the smoke pipelines, do not apply to our systems. REICH also sets very high internal standards for service and customer support.

REICH systems are quality products "Made in Germany". Simply come and have a look – we will be happy to explain the manufacturing of our units during your personal tour of the factory.

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