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Who we are - 20 years of experience in food packaging

Reepack is a company operating in the field of manufacturing packaging machinery with an extensive range of semiautomatic and fully automatic machine.

High experience in manufacturing packaging machinery has given us a deep understanding of the demanding production requirements to which machinery in this field of application is subject.

Reepack serves Customers across the spectrum of packaging applications with innovative solutions by leveraging its extensive array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property, strategic partnership and manufacturing strenght.

Our mission is to make our Customers more competitive by creating innovative solutions to pack different range of products as foodstuff, health care goods, and industrial products.

Vision and Values

We are a team of international professionals with the same deep interest in the packaging world. We believe in the need to satisfy our Customers with innovative solution acting with state-of-the-art technology. We export all over the World our creativity and energy, key points of our engineering. Integrity, willingness, fortitude and spirit are essential values for all of us.

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