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Werner Poss developed the POSS mechanical separator technology in the mid 1970’s and POSS Design Limited was formed in 1978. Driven by industry demand for reliable and consistently high performance in meat recovery, continuous advancements were made and now a range of mechanical separation configurations have been developed to meet an increasingly diverse series of separation applications.

POSS has been marketing this proven line of mechanical separators since 1978, and now has more than 1,600+ machines running in more than 68 countries worldwide, 300+ installations in the USA alone, and a well-established client base wherever high volume poultry processing exists. POSS is truly the Global Industry Leader in Quality Separation Solutions.

The majority of these machines are designed to process conventional chicken mechanical deboning, following manual and automated poultry cut up lines.

The remainder were sold for pork deboning and beef shank de-sinewing, as well as various niche applications including fish, pork skin de-fatting and boney trim to recover high value coarse ground product.

From the new ProMax300C (300 kg / 660 lbs/hr, 7.5hp / 5.6 kW) up to the game changing ProMax9000 (17,000+ kg / 40,000+ lbs/hr, 250 hp / 190 kW), POSS offers machines to cover the full spectrum of processing volumes and separation applications.

With unmatched yields, due in part to our proprietary hydraulic ‘Auto Restrictor’, high through-puts, no prebreaking, and unparalleled low temperature rise and premium coarse ground texture in the recovered meat, can you really afford NOT to be running a POSS?

POSS machines run over 1,250,000 lbs of turkey in North America alone, every HOUR, every DAY.

Rugged and Reliable, no Pre-breaker grinders required.

Highest YIELDS, processing volumes & optimal texture.

Industry leader in USDA ground turkey, MSC and boney trim.

Smallest footprint, horsepower requirement, screw RPM & temperature rise.

Processing capacities from 250kg (500 lbs) to 22,000 (50,000 lbs) per hour.

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