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Founded in 2001, N&N Nadratowski sp.j  is a family-owned, modern company that has been driving the development, production and distribution of high quality machinery for food processing for almost two decades.

From  the  very  beginning,  N&N’s  engineers  and  designers  have  set  uncompromisingly  high  demands  on  materials,  technology,  design  and  production  development.  The main  emphasis  is  on  quality  and  individual  approach  to  each  customer,  and  the  narrow  specialization,  wide  range  of models, flexibility and high attention to detail of manufactured equipment has allowed us to find hundreds of satisfied customers and become one of the largest manufacturers of mixers for food processing in the world. Thanks to an extensive network of trusted representatives, most of the manufactured machines in Bielsk are exported to several dozen countries on 5 continents.

N&N Nadratowski focuses on continuous development of existing products in order to better fulfil their tasks and anticipate the future needs of the market, in order to become one of the leading manufacturers of machines in the food industry and the unquestionable world leader in the mixer market in the future.

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