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METALQUIMIA, founded in Girona (Spain) in 1971, is a leading company highly specialized in machinery and technology for the industrial manufacture of cooked, marinated and cured meat products and snacks.

Located in Girona (Catalonia, Spain) and founded in 1971, METALQUIMIA is a family business, leader in the development of technology and the manufacture of complete turnkey lines and industrial equipment for the production of cooked, marinated and cure meat products and snacks.


Metalquimia bases its activity  on technological innovation and the search for maximum quality, efficiency and automation of its wide range of production lines, designed for the meat industries and present in the most important meat processing plants in the world.


Metalquimia has designed, developed and patented since its inception a wide range of machinery, including complete brine preparation systems, injectors, tenderizers, massage reactors, vacuum systems, whole muscle vacuum stuffers, automatic cooking systems, marinating lines, defrosters, automatic QDS lines for cured sliced products,  production lines for meat snacks and the most innovative sausage cooking systems.


Metalquimia, as specialized supplier in each and every one of the phases of the meat production process, offers an integral solution and total guarantee for the manufacture of meat products with versatile, highly automated, hygienic, safe, environmentally-friendly production lines designed  to reduce manufacturing costs, all with the aim of improving the competitiveness of the world meat industry.


Metalquimia also offers the services of custom design of meat processing plants, Process engineering, Research and analysis of products in central laboratories, Pilot Plants for  industrial research and development of new meat and/or protein-based products, Exclusive workshop for the construction of prototypes, Bibliographic service and technological know-how, Training of meat processors’ technical and technological personnel, Technological and production management consultancies, Market studies, Formulation of additives and brines, Maintenance plans and renewal of processing machinery.

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